As the mind so is the body


In my previous post (you can read it here) I wrote how I had to firmly kick myself in the b*tt. I had to start make sure this year I’m going to achieve the goals I’ve set myself. I was too late!

For too many weeks I had been burning the candle on both ends.

For too many days on end I had neglected to get enough sleep.

For too long had I tried to keep all the balls I had given myself up in the air. (Failing miserably, by the way!!)

I knew I was in trouble when a head cold started to creep up on me. It is sure sign of my body telling me “Enough!”

It was too late to prevent it from following the path I well remember from my corporate days.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

As I write this the cold has reached my vocal cords. Getting them to produce any sound above a whisper requires a physical effort that leaves me gasping for breath.

There is a difference however, with all the times this happened to me while I was ‘in corporate’!

This time I’m actually taking time to recover instead of trying to push through it.

I’ve rescheduled appointments that require me to talk a lot.

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Dare Greatly Coaching | 2017

(Side benefit: lots of quiet time for further thinking on how to realise my goals for this year. Which includes an almost filled out year planner and a webinar morphing into a mini-course!!)

I’ve given myself permission to take naps during the day.

I’m reminding myself daily that I treasure my health and my body.

All part of the ‘taking care of myself’ routine I was restarting when I wrote my previous post.

Once again I’m reminded how important it is we listen to our bodies.

The mind must be cured as well as the body, as the mind so is the body.

When we truly listen, we hear the warning bells long before stress incapacitates us.

It may take weeks, months or even years for our bodies to give in. At a certain point though it will tell us loud and clear it has endured enough!!

Which is why I’d like you to seriously consider this question:

What is your body telling you about the life you’re living right now?

As always …

#LiveYourOwnLife #LiveUpToYourOwnExpectations

Now go dare greatly and live up to your own expectations!

Photo credit: Kalen Emsley (StockSnap)