Tired of your constant inner conflict?

Tired of inner conflict

The conversation in her head has been going on for months, perhaps even years. She’s sick and tired of it. It’s as though she has two people in her head always coming at the problem from opposite sides. They never agree on anything. It’s exhausting!!

It’s as if her mind is playing a broken record with the needle stuck in a particular groove.

It just keeps repeating the same mantra “If only I knew what it was I wanted to do, then I would/could…”

Or she’s constantly going over doing what she ‘ought to’ or ‘should’ do versus what she wants to do.

Whatever their inner conflict is about, they are basically doing battle with themselves

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Wanting to solve – or at least get more insight into the why of – that battle is a large part of the reason my clients seek a coach.

They have gotten stuck in the story they’ve been telling themselves pretty much all their (professional) lives

Unable to break away from the mental record that just keeps replaying.

They have arrived at the point where they know they want to make changes in their lives.

At the very least they want to learn strategies that will help them deal with the inner conflict that is driving them to exhaustion.

Even when they are terrified of possibly disappointing their loved ones.

Even when they haven’t gotten a clue on how to get off the perpetual merry-go-round of relentless inner conversation.

Even when dealing with their inner conversation may eventually lead to them deciding to leave their current position.

Even when bringing peace to their inner conflict might lead to giving up financial security as they know it.

This and more goes on in the minds of my clients And it terrifies them.

So much so that..

… they’d much rather face the fear of possible outcomes from finally dealing with their inner conflict

Somehow the idea of always opting to do what they ‘ought’ or ‘should’ without ever doing what they want to do in life, really scares them.

It scares them much more than the alternative: deciding for themselves how and where to blaze their own life’s trail!

A trail through life of their own making and by definition still largely unknown.

A trail that may or may not lead in an entirely different direction. but one that at least will be their own.

Their first step towards blazing their life’s trail is bringing peace to their inner conflict.

And that’s what the challenge starting on March 19, 2018 is all about: Bring Peace to Inner Conflict.

As always….

Go dare greatly!