Are You Looking For Answers In Your Life? Be Determined!

Photo credit: Mike Wilson (StockSnap)

Have you ever looked for something that you just know you have, but are somehow unable to find?

When I came home last week I was cold and tired, ready to call it a day. All that was left to do, was take the dog for a walk and make me some dinner. So when I reached for my keys in the glove compartment and couldn’t find them I was more than a little frustrated. I was very frustrated!!

Digging around in the compartment was of no help, so I switched to looking everywhere else in the car. No dice!

Time to get out of the car and start looking under the car seats. Still no luck!

Not in the car. Not under the car.

And no, they weren’t in any of my pockets either. I checked!

Retracing my early morning steps in my mind, I was convinced I had taken my keys with me.

What the hell?!! Where were the bloody things?!

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Getting back in the car and going over it again (same results), I decided to fetch the spare key from a neighbour’s house. At least I could take Paco out for his walk and check if the keys were indeed not in the apartment. (They were not.)

I called the places I had been during the day to hear if somebody had found a set of keys. Nope! Nothing!

Slowly I could feel a tinge of despair setting in.

What the f?!

Sure I had a spare key for the apartment, but there were other keys on the key ring too and for those I had no spares.

In quiet desperation I decided to thoroughly check the car one final time, starting with the glove compartment.

After careful digging around in a ridiculously deep compartment, I finally found my keys. All the way in the back.

Turns out sometimes you have to be determined and dig deep to find what you are looking for!

Why am I telling you all this?

Because looking for the answers to the questions you are asking yourself, is like looking for my keys:

Sometimes you have to ask for help!

Sometimes you have to dig deep!

And always, you have to be determined!

As always…

Go dare greatly