Are you a Marathoner or a Sprinter (and no, this has nothing to do with sports)

I don’t usually beat my own drum, but I’m just so excited to share with you that an article of mine got published on the International Coach Academy website.

It’s all about how people often try to reach a goal they’ve set themselves by sprinting towards it only to find the goal is too far off to be sprinting towards. Reaching the goal is far more likely when they set themselves a marathon pace.

I don’t mean any of this literally of course. I’m anything but a runner (neither sprinter nor marathoner) myself. However, I found it a useful metaphor when I was trying to describe behaviour people sometime display when they say they want to make sustainable changes in their lives.

I posted an excerpt of the article on in an earlier post: Successful Life Change: How To Go Slow When You Want To Go Fast

You can read the full article on the ICA website here!

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