I’m Gerdi, the Dare Greatly Guide & Coach. Born and raised in the Netherlands. A former project manager and consultant with 20+ years of experience in the corporate world. After a major burnout I wanted to discover how I could blaze my own trail in life. This eventually led to my move to the Austrian Alp where I started guiding people both in the mountains and in life as I continued creating a more fulfilling life for myself too.

Besides a project manager, manager and consultant I’ve been a tennis coach, property manager, taxi driver, mountain hiking guide and ski instructor.

I love old Hollywood movies, reading anything well-written, ice cream and my dog Paco. At 40 I discovered the mountains are where I am most at home and I’ve not looked back since.

I work with people who are committed to changing the way they live their life. People with a good, strong sense of humour, not afraid to call a spade a spade.

And I love guiding them to the beginning of their own trail, where they can reconnect with themselves and – in doing so – also connect again with the people that are most important to them.

As always…

Go dare greatly