9 Powerful Steps Towards Re-Igniting Your Vision


What if you had ample time to do nothing but BE, wander, think and re-kindle the fire in your belly?

What if an hour, a day or a week of doing ‘nothing’ would give you exponential inspiration to put towards realising your vision?

Can you imagine what it would be like to actually escape the grind of everyday life and spend quality time re-igniting your vision?


What’s stopping you?! I know you can! And I know this, because that’s what I did when I used these steps to turn away from a successful, but uninspired corporate career of 20+ years and re-ignited my own life’s vision.

Now I bring people like you – who are nonconformist creatives, visionaries, changemakers in life, business or both – into the mountains to guide them as they re-ignite the vision they once had, but lost in the grind of daily life.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • 9 Powerful steps you can start taking today to create space to ponder the vision for your life, business or both
  • How to take back control so you can escape the quicksand of having to do and be all
  • How to identify and let go of roles that aren’t actually yours
  • How to discover what rules to break so you can take more time to focus on your re-igniting your vision
  • How to get out from under exhaustion and overwhelm



If you want to further grow the vision you have for your life, your business or both, you have to stop just DO-ing and take time out to reflect on your vision.

You have to get out of your regular environment for a while to be gain fresh perspectives and re-kindle the fire in your belly.

That’s not possible if you keep doing the same thing every day and therefore remain stuck in the grind of everyday life.

If you don’t take that time you’ll loose the clarity of your vision. It’ll be as if you’re wandering aimlessly through the mountains without a compass.

When you’re done wandering and are ready to take back control, then start here!

With 9 Powerful Steps Towards Re-Igniting Your Vision

9 Steps with which to create the mental and physical space for you to get creative again and re-ignite the vision for your life, business or both.

Gerdi Verwoert
Dare Greatly Guide & Coach