Using these 9 Powerful Steps

9 Powerful Steps To Help Successful Women Create A More Meaningful Life

Are you unhappily successful because success doesn’t feel anything like you thought it would and you’re constantly being pushed into a role that doesn’t satisfy you? Wonder what it would be like to have total clarity on what a more Meaningful Life looks like to you? What it would be like to actually live that life?

What’s stopping you?! I know you can! And I know this, because that’s what I did when I used these steps to turn away from a successful, but unhappy corporate career of 20+ years and created a more fulfilling and Meaningful Life for myself. Now I guide successful women like you into the mountains to help them discover and create their own more Meaningful Life.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • 9 Powerful steps you can take this week to take back control over your life and start creating a more Meaningful Life
  • How to get clear on what makes life fulfilling and meaningful to you
  • How to step into your power and stop feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • How to reclaim your identity and no longer be a bad carbon copy of yourself
  • How to be you, clear and in control, and live your life in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful to you

You can’t live another person’s meaningful life. You can’t chase after what makes life meaningful or successful to them. You have to get clear about what makes life meaningful, successful for you.

Without that clarity you are lost; wandering aimlessly through the mountains without a compass.

When you’re done wandering and are ready to take back control, then start here!

With 9 Powerful Steps To Help Successful Women Create A More Meaningful Lilfe

9 Steps that lead to a new definition of success –  your more Meaningful Life.

Gerdi Verwoert
Dare Greatly Guide & Coach