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There is an easier and more fun way to discover your Core Values than scrolling through a list of 400+ possibilities and it’s FREE!

When you’re unhappily successful, because the life or career you’ve built for yourself doesn’t feel as dreamy as you thought it would …

When it feels like you’ve given up your identity, as though you’re playing a part in order to live up to everyone’s expectations …

When you’re exhausted because you no longer know what’s truly important to you and are trying to do it all …

Then knowing your core values will help you re‑gain clarity, re‑claim your identity and start on your own journey towards self‑leadership.

Download this free e-book and discover what your core values are.

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Join me on a virtual mountain hike and re-connect with your E S S E N C E.

We all have a life to live. But … are you living yours?

One of the biggest challenges we face is living our own lives in a way that is true to ourselves; to the Essence of who we are. Not as others expect us to live it. Living life true to yourself, to your E S S E N C E, your core values is challenging, daring AND amazing. It is full of challenges as you come up against obstacles that cause you to grow and become even more than you already are. It is daring because it takes courage to defy the expectations of the people around you and to overcome fears you may not even know you have. It is amazing because at times the wonder that is your life will take your breath away.

You’re supposed to do more than just exist. You’re supposed to live!

I challenge you to dare greatly and live your own life! I’m here to help you!

— Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Guide and Coach

Take time to reflect on the way you’ve been living life. Reconnect with your E S S E N C E and how you want to live your life with The Find What Life Is About online course.

Join me on a virtual mountain hike

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Connecting with Nature is self-care

The coronavirus pandemic for many people has caused a lot of anxiety and stress. Being confined to the house for much of the time has, of course, not helped.

When asked to talk about ways to practice self-care in an interview I immediately thought about the many — often very simple — ways this can be done through connecting with Nature. Even when time is limited and you don’t have Nature on your doorstep.

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About Me

My name is Gerdi Verwoert. I’m a Dutch former consultant, project and facilities manager with 20+ years of experience in the corporate and consultancy world, who lives among the Austrian Alps.

Now — as a certified professional coach and mountain hiking guide — I bring people who want to re-focus on what life for them is all about into quiet, expansive mountains where I help them find the inner calm they’ve been looking for. The inner calm they need to re-connect with their E S S E N C E, their core values. People who are leaders, visionaries, creatives, changemakers and more.

On these mountain adventures or — as I like to call them — experiences I support them as they lay the foundation for a life lived on their own terms, in line with their truest self, in line with their E S S E N C E.

The mountains are a magical place to be able to do this in. They are uniquely suited to help us to slow down, be present and find the quiet needed for inspiration, creativity and rejuvenation.

There I help my clients ‘just BE‘ as they discover fresh perspectives, new horizons and an abundance of opportunities. As everything they think important fades away, I help them re-connect with themselves, their body and ultimately their vision for life.

When I’m not out and about among mountains I work with clients online. Helping them re-connect with themselves through re-connecting with Nature in their immediate surroundings back home.

Though the biggest and fastest changes occur when they disconnect completely from all that causes them stress, joining me for an experience among mountains isn’t always possible.

In those instances learning to see and connect with Nature that is all around them, is a more accessible way to re-connect with themselves. To re-discover what life for them is all about. To become the leaders in their own life they were always meant to be.

  • “Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.”
    Tara, USATara, USABusiness and Leadership Coach
  • How Gerdi wove our core values and beliefs into old values that we’ve adopted and would like to leave behind by being in nature was seamless and beautiful. My favourite part of the day was being taken into Richmond Park with Gerdi’s slow instructions as we walked and shed the old, to absorb what was coming into our experience was magic. [...] Gerdi creates the space in nature to step out of the ‘busy’ of life so we can slow down, breathe and let whatever’s been waiting in the wings for our stillness to arrive with clarity. Now I can see how being in the mountains of Austria with Gerdi is the perfect journey to shed the old clutter and step into what we want to create rather than going round and round the hamster wheel of busy. Thank you Gerdi!
    Dani, AustraliaDani, AustraliaMindset Mastery + Transformation Coach
  • “It takes guts to spend [time] exploring your life with Gerdi. She won’t settle for easy answers. She will shamelessly yet with a sense of humour confront you with your implicit and explicit excuses for not making the changes in life you so long to make. Yet isn’t that exactly what you want? [...] If more of the same isn’t working for you anymore, than coaching by Gerdi may be your answer. Spend some time in the mountains with her and discover what you want in life.”

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